22 outlets for clothing and shoes to discover in Romagna.

A tour of the best clothing outlets in Romagna, perfect when you are on vacation on the Romagna Riviera.

Instead of closing yourself in a shopping mall, in total chaos, I recommend the most visited clothing outlets for women, men and children in Romagna.

Some of these outlets are a little further away, but if you arrive by car, driving on the highway, you pass by it.

In these outlets and company stores you will find clothing and shoes at discounted prices! The best of the Romagna artisan tradition.

A tip before going shopping in a factory store, always call to check the days and opening hours of the outlets.

1 - Diffusione Tessile

(San Giovanni in Marignano)

Outlet Romagna Diffusione Tessile

At the Cattolica motorway exit you will find the Diffusione Tessile outlet. It is a chain of shops that sells designer clothes that have had the label with the brand removed.

For example, Max & Co's clothing lines from previous years. Very interesting for coats, dresses, sweaters, jackets and accessories at discounted prices.

If you cannot find your size, you can request it at the 'size point' and if it is available in another store they will send it directly to your home!

Moreover, the saleswomen are fantastic and really make a difference.

Where is DIFFUSIONE TESSILE: Via al Mare, 180, 47842 San Giovanni In Marignano (RN)

2 - Spaccio Gilmar Company Store

(San Giovanni in Marignano)

Outlet Romagna Gilmar

Official GILMAR factory outlet for clothing and footwear Iceberg and Frankie Morello, # 21, Paolo Pecora, Seville and Block 60.

In this factory outlet you will find women's and men's clothing and accessories of the brands produced by the company: items from the past season, but also first choice items and current samples.

Here you will find news and continuous restocking.

And in addition, there is no shortage of offers relating to defective garments.

Where is GILMAR OUTLET: Via degli Olmi, 267, 47842 San Giovanni In Marignano (RN)

3 - Massimo Rebecchi Outlet


In the heart of the Romagna Riviera the official Massimo Rebecchi factory outlet.

At discounted prices tailored quality clothing for men and women.

Here you can find both the items from the latest collections and the clothes left over from past seasons, also saving significant figures compared to the price in the store.

Where is MASSIMO REBECCHI OUTLET: Viale del Progresso, 23, 47838 Riccione (RN) 

4 - Moschino e Pollini Outlet

(Sant'Angelo di Gatteo)

Outlet Romagna Pollini Scarpe

The Pollini brand (shoes, bags and leather accessories) has origins in the Romagna hinterland, between Gatteo and Savignano sul Rubicone, where expert craftsmen have contributed over time to create a real footwear district.

Now the Pollini brand is part of the Aeffe Fashion Group group, for this reason you can also find Moschino in the shop.

If you prefer to buy online, you can also find deals on the website 

Where is POLLINI OUTLET: Strada Erbosa Uno, 92, 47043 Sant'Angelo di Gatteo (FC)

​​​​5 - Sergio Rossi Outlet

(San Mauro Pascoli)

In this small outlet of the Sergio Rossi brand near San Mauro Pascoli (in the heart of the Romagna footwear district) you can find both sample items and shoes left over from the past seasons at a discounted price.

The prices are super attractive if you have the sample shoe size.

If you are fond of shoes ... pay attention you may not want to go out anymore.

Where is SERGIO ROSSI OUTLET: Via Stradone, 618, 47030 San Mauro Pascoli (FC) 

6 - Baldinini Factory Outlet

(San Mauro Pascoli)

Outlet Romagna Baldinini Factory

Hollywood-style, visually striking entrance with a beautiful bar.

Prices are high but in this outlet there is the Alta Moda line ... and the shoes are real works of art.

If you don't have the budget, however, I recommend you take a ride, it's really worth it.

Where is BALDININI OUTLET:  Via Rio Salto I, 47030 San Mauro Pascoli (FC) 

​​​​7 - OutSeason Giuseppe Zanotti

(San Mauro Pascoli)

Outlet Outseason Giuseppe Zanotti

OutSeason Giuseppe Zanotti shoe outlet is in San Mauro Pascoli. Here you can buy footwear for women and men.

The range of models is wide, top quality, if you are looking for something original for a special occasion you are in the right place.

The prices are medium-high, but it is also possible to find ad hoc promotions on some lines and sample shoes.

Where is OUTSEASON GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI: Via Dell'Artigianato, 3, 47030 San Mauro Pascoli (FC) 

​​​​8 - Greymer Outlet

(San Mauro Pascoli)

Shop with very particular and trendy shoes… perfect for fashion victims.

Very high quality therefore quite high prices but there is also a business corner where you can find real opportunities.

Greymer Outlet - San Mauro Pascoli

Where is OUTLET GREYMER: Via Bellaria Nuova, 373, 47030 San Mauro Pascoli (FC) 

​​​​9 - Vicini Outlet

(Savignano sul Rubicone)

Outlet Romagna Vicini

It is a wonderful outlet with discounted high fashion footwear of every brand at incredible prices, refined footwear for every woman, and also elegant and sporty men's shoes. In addition, it also sells leather goods, wallets and bags always branded at lower prices than the shop.

Sale of designer brands Giuseppe Zanotti, Vicini Tapeet and Vicini Uomo.

Vicini's boots drive me crazy for their beauty!

Where is VICINI OUTLET: Via Oslo 13, Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)

10 - Alea Fashion Outlet

(Savignano sul Rubicone)

Outlet Romagna Alea

The story of Alea began in 1952 in Savignano sul Rubicone, where Julius Caesar pronounced the famous saying "Alea iacta est" (the die is cast) and from which the name of the company was born.

Unique shirt makers who make the wearer feel perfect in all circumstances and where all that is detail is luxury.

In addition to the Alea brand, in this Savignano outlet in Rubicone you will find shirts of great brands such as Ungaro and Michael Kors.

Where is ALEA FASHION OUTLET: Via Emilia Ovest, 83, 47039 Savignano Sul Rubicone (FC) 

11 - Campomaggi & Caterina Lucchi

(San Carlo di Cesena)

Outlet Romagna Campomaggi Caterina Lucchi

The outlet is just outside Cesena (between San Carlo and Borello) on the E45 highway towards Rome, in the shop you can find the 3 different brands of the company: Caterina Lucchi, Campomaggi and Gabs.

Best quality. Both classic and more original proposals.

Where is CAMPOMAGGI OUTLET: Via San Carlo, 2707, 47522 San Carlo di Cesena (FC) 

​​​​12 - Cosentino Secondotempo


"The finest selection of men's fashion". This is their claim and in fact I can't blame them, their selection is absolutely beautiful.

In the center of Cesena in the outlet you can find the garments of the previous seasons at a discounted price ... very interesting in particular for shoes.

Where is COSENTINO SECONDOTEMPO: Piazza Albizzi, 6 - 47521 Cesena (FC) 

​​​​13 - Outlet Parronchi Cashmere


Knitwear and cashmere of excellent quality and elegant design that lasts over time.

Outlet Romagna Parronchi Cashmere

Where is PARRONCHI CASHMERE: Via Correcchio 6/A (18,59 km) 47122 Forlì (FC) 

​​​​14 - Golden Lady Store


Golden Lady Store Faenza

​Golden Lady company shop, all first choice products, at cheap prices: tights, pajamas.

Where is GOLDEN LADY STORE: Via Bisaura, 17, 48018, Faenza (RA) 

​​​​15 - Biotex Underwear Innovator


In Romagna, you know, we are crazy about cycling. In Faenza you will find this well-stocked shop full of technical clothing for cyclists. Excellent quality.

Biotex Underwear Innovator Faenza

Where is BIOTEX: Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 16, Faenza (RA) 

​​​16 - Outlet Germano Zama


High fashion designer in Faenza where everything was born. In the outlet you'll find a wide selection of GERMANO ZAMA women's clothing at great prices.

Where is OUTLET GERMANO ZAMA: Via degli Olmi, 4, 48018 Faenza (RA) 

​​​​17 - Fabbri Active Outlet

(Sant'Agata sul Santerno‎)

Outlet Romagna Fabbri Active

Fabbri is a national reality that has more than 30 stores but only in Romagna you can find its outlet.

Excellent choice of internationally renowned brands of women's and men's clothing in addition to their TOOWHITE line.

Where is FABBRI ACTIVE OUTLET: Via Pedergnana Superioreo, 2 48020 Sant'Agata sul Santerno‎ (RA) 

18 - Lo Spaccio di Perdinzani


The Perdinzani shop is an outlet that offers interesting men's and women's underwear and beachwear, along with a wide selection of women's clothing that are offered with a minimum 50% discount.

Where is SPACCIO PERDINZANI: Via Della Lirica, 41 - 48124 Ravenna (RA) 

19 - Borbonese Factory Store 

(Ozzano Emilia)

A unique style. The famous 'partridge eye' with discounted prices, elegant and well-kept outlet. Interesting in the sales period.

For opening hours... check before going.

Borbonese Factory Store - Ozzano Emilia

Where is BORBONESE FACTORY STORE: via 1°Maggio 89/a, Ozzano Emilia (BO) 

20 - Woolrich Factory Store

(Cadriano - Bologna‎)

Woolrich Factory Store Cadriano

Here you can find the quality of Woolrich products (down jackets, jackets, shoes) even if the prices are higher than a normal outlet.

It is a well-organized and well-managed point of sale. Trained and professional staff.

Check the opening hours before going there: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11.00 to 19.00. Saturday from 11.00 to 18.30

Where is WOOLRICH FACTORY OUTLET: Via Nuova 21/d zona ind. Cadriano (BO) 

21 - Spaccio Intimissimi e Calzedonia

(Granarolo dell'Emilia - Bologna)

Spaccio aziendale Intimissimi Tezenis Calzedonia a Bologna

A huge shop of the IntimissimiCalzedoniaFalconeri and Tezenis brands where you can find clothing, especially underwear. But also swimsuits and more.

The outlet which is located a few kilometers from Bologna has been recently renovated and unfortunately the prices have risen. However, it remains a convenient business outlet.

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 to 20 (always check the time before going)

Where is INTIMISSIMI OUTLET: Via Bruno Buozzi, 35, Granarolo dell'Emilia (BO) 

22 - Fashion Street

(San Lazzaro di Savena - Bologna)

Fashion Street Outlet Bologna

Fashion Street Outlet Bologna

Outlet full of beautiful garments of the best brands from Jacob Cohen to Peuterey, garments from the samples for both men and women, from casual to elegant.

Where is FASHION STREET: Via Ronco Maruni 28, San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)